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Remtech - Total Solutions For Computing Environments

Since 2010 our company Remtech CZ,s.r.o. is the official distributor of the Remtech Nederland BV in territory of the Czech Republic. Our company offers to you not only the ModuSec construction system, the modern technology of secure data room, directly from Remtech (Computer Security) Ltd, but also we share with you its wide knowledge, experience, quality and complete support by development and services of projects which are given to us by our partner Remtech Nederland BV.

Remtech was first established in 1980 and then renamed Remtech (Computer Security) Ltd in 1991. Our core business is the physical protection of media and hardware from fire, water, smoke, theft, sabotage, etc. This is mostly achieved by the construction of a secure modular construction system called ModuSec. The system has been designed by Remtech to provide a cost effective tested system for the protection of computer room and hardware/data storage environments. It is manufactured at an extensive UK factory located in Birmingham by our manufacturing company RCS (Manufacturing) Ltd. The range includes our standard system plus High Security versions designed for forced attack and blast protection for computing and data storage facilities.

In addition to design and manufacture, Remtech also carry out site surveys, prepare drawings and provide a complete installation service ready for fit out of mechanical and electrical services by others. Hence we see the whole project through from start to finish ensuring the highest quality of construction.

Quality is also assured by our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Remtech UK is supported by Remtech Nordic and Remtech Netherlands to provide product and service throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe with dealerships also based in Russia, Latvia, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Remtech has now completed many projects in these areas from small server rooms to large scale Data Centres inside offices or warehouse type buildings to fully weather protected outside structures. Our growth has been exponential over the last few years and we are now recognised as the number 1 solution to specify to achieve a cost effective environment to protect critical systems and data.

Have a browse through our website, contact us here or call us on +420 774 138 090 to discuss your requirements. We will be glad to help.

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