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Manufacture Process

Manufacture, Testing & Certification

The ModuSec construction system has been developed by Remtech Computer Security Ltd, primarily for the protection of IT environments. It is produced at an extensive UK factory located in Birmingham by our manufacturing company RCS (Manufacturing) Ltd.

The system uses a unique phenolic foam formulation to produce the Pyrofoam core material. This is injected under very pressure into a mould that contains the steel panel skins, camlock locking mechanisms and side rails that produce the tongue and groove shaped edges. The foam fills up every corner of the mould and bonds to the steel skins to produce a very strong composite panel. The panel reach around 80% of their structural strength in a few hours and continue to full strength within days.

Quality control is of prime importance. The process is rigorously monitored to ensure consistent density and quality of the finished panels with each panel being hand finished.

Most composite panels are manufactured as a 'continuous process'. However this is not the case with our panels. In general our panels are 1140mm wide. However, the steel skins can be cut to any size and panels can be formed to any required size up to 1140mm wide x 6m long. In addition we can make panels with preformed corners and introduce cable conduits, reinforcement channels and steel mesh into panels as required.

The factory also produces doors specifically developed to fit the ModuSec System. The components for these and other steel trims, angles, channels, etc., are produced using the latest CNC technology and CAD/CAM software to ensure that each item can be reproduced exactly if required.

Most steelwork is fabricated in house for roof constructions, ceiling support steelwork, ramps, steps, etc. This allows to maintain the highest levels of quality control and ensures to get the right piece of steel, made to the right size at the right time.

Components for each job are stored in our warehouse ready to be transported to the customer place at the required time.

We are very experienced in building small server rooms, large scale data centers or high security storage facilities. It means that we can solve almost any unexpected problem that may come up on your place and suggest the best way to solve it.

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