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ModuSec Panels

Remtech Products Description

ModuSec panels have a 100mm phenolic foam core inside and and 0,55 mm galvanised steel skin with stelvetite plastic finish. Remtech Construction Services in Birmingham owns the unique knowledge and machinery to produce phenolic foam panels using the foaming technology.

Using of Phenolic foam has its the best proove for several reasons:

  • It has the best K value (thermal conductivity)
  • It meets the fire standards requirements in markets around the world.
  • It is one of the safest insulation materials for use inside buildings - the low smoke emission and it gives off virtually no toxic fumes makes a difference in the event of a fire.
  • Production process is 100% free of CFC and HCFC's.

Each panel is individually made to the required size and can include internal steel sections for extra strength, longer spans (up to 6m) and to hang heavy loads, cable conduits, steel mesh for higher attack security and joint profles plus camlocks to increase joint strength and integrity. There is also preformed corner panels for quicker and easier construction.

ModuSec panels are very light (around 20 Kg/m2 for the standard panels), but incredibly strong. The compressive strength of the panels has been measured at almost 60,000 Kg/m2 (60 Tonnes/sqm) before collapse. This means that they can be used as foor panels as well.

Modusec panels has all construction options:

  • Walls and ceiling
  • Walls, ceiling and base
  • Add a roof for an outside construction
  • Build on a raised frame
  • Double storey inside or outside construction
  • Standard or high security Class 2 or 3 construction

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