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Fire Protection

Benefits of Using ModuSec for IT Rooms

Traditional 'fire rated' materials such as block, brick, plasterboard or mineral wool panels etc. are rated under BS476/EN1364 to protect escape routes or building integrity to temperatures below 180°C for the rating period. However, whilst they may be rated for 60, 90 or even 120 minutes, critical temperatures for hardware and media may be exceeded well within the rating period. Fire rating and insulation values for mineral wool panels are dependent on thickness and density of the core and can vary depending on manufacturer and product range.

The European standard for computer room construction (EN1047-2) recommends a maximum rise of 50°C measured 100mm away from the protected face at 60 minutes.

ModuSec panels has a 'traditional' 90 minute rating, but more importantly, during a BS476 Pt 22 test with external temperatures rising to 950°C over 90 minutes, the internal temperature, measured on the protected face, stayed within the critical temperature for media for 68 minutes and hardware storage (50°C rise from around 15°C) for 73 minutes.

Hence you can be rest assured that you would be following 'best practice' to protect critical hardware systems for a sensible investment cost meeting Turnbull, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II and Civil Contingency recommendations to follow 'best practice' to minimize operational risks.

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