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High Security Options

Benefits of Using ModuSec for IT Rooms

The steel outer skin, slab construction and multipoint camlock system provide a good level of physical security (more than a brick/block wall would provide from a sledgehammer attack). However we can also provide the following options - independently tested by professional police entry teams and blast tested to specified standards (details on application):

Class 2 Panel Option
Forced attack protection for secure computer rooms or other high security environments.
2 layers of 3mm thick cross laid steel 'diamond' mesh foamed into panels and all joints further reinforced.

Class 3 Panel Option
As Class 2 but with an additional 20mm layer of anti cutting material in a steel sleeve with joints staggered from the main panels - to further frustrate the use of steel cutting tools and strengthen the joints. Class 3 panels (walls and ceilings) are 120mm thick.

Class 3 Door Option
Our own tested and approved Class 3 single and double doors are manufactured by Remtech to fit to our panel system and provide a complete secure environment. We can also provide Class 3 roller shutter doors with 'anti-ram' facility.

Note that Standard, Class 2 and Class 3 walls and ceilings are interchangeable and can be mixed to meet varying security levels on different facades of a room.

Other security measures available include options for bullet resistance, high security windows and drawer transfer units. Details supplied on approved application only.

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