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Why Remtech

Benefits of Using ModuSec for IT Rooms

Remtech Computure Security Ltd is the company which has developed the ModuSec construction system to provide a cost effective tested system primarily for the protection of computer room and hardware/data storage environments.

Single company manufactures all the walls, ceilings, doors, etc. to specific requirements and then installs with a dedicated team of computer room/data centre shell structure specialists. Remtech also design, manufacture and install any additional steel support structure required for larger projects and roof structures for external projects. ModuSec rooms are the perfect solution for the construction of:

  • Modular Data Centres
  • Modular Computer Rooms
  • Server/Comms/Plant Rooms
  • Data/Document Storage

Plus other high security environments such as:

  • Drug/Equipment Storage
  • Workshops
  • Armouries
  • Control Rooms
  • Blast Protected Assembly Areas

ModuSec uses lightweight, high strength, steel faced wall and ceiling panels with a 'Pyrofoam' core that provides a high performance thermal barrier. Panels simply lock together to form a protective enclosure that is quick and clean to build to any size. The pre finished panels require no decoration or maintenance. The system is independent of the existing structure and can be easily extended or relocated at any time.

Each panel is individually made to the required size and can include internal steel sections for extra strength and to hang heavy loads, cable conduits, steel mesh for higher attack security and joint profiles plus camlocks to increase joint strength and integrity.

ModuSec has been specifically designed to provide the correct levels of protection for computer hardware and media from external threats such as fire, water, smoke, dust, theft, vandalism and sabotage. High insulation properties effectively eliminate solar gain, saving energy and providing a stable environment for cooling systems.

Traditional construction (block, plasterboard, etc) and panels systems with mineral wool or other foamed cores are not specifically designed to protect IT hardware and media and will not address all of the issues required for critical IT environments. See comparison with other panel systems. Their ultimate cost may be higher than you think!

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