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Effective Construction Material

Benefits of Using ModuSec for IT Rooms

With Remtech ModuSec panels you can build a clean and safe coputing enviroment practically anywhere. Build your data center inside of the production hall, industrial warehouse, office room or simply on the roof of the building.

Construction options

  • Slab to slab walls
  • Walls and ceiling - to form a sealed five sided box
  • Add a steel and ply floor - to provide a six sided steel Faraday cage for protection from electromagnetic interference
  • Use panels as the sixth side to provide insulation from below
  • Build inside an office or warehouse or in an outside space with an additional roof skin
  • Add High Security options to some or all sides

The Remtech ModuSec construction system also offers an incredible construction speed when your data room can be completely ready for your hardware in a couple weeks or less. What is more important, is that the cost of your IT room will be comparable or sometimes less than the conventional building construction.

Finally, Remtech IT room can be also easily disassembled and relocated to the new company locaiton.



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