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Smoke & Dust Protection

Benefits of Using ModuSec for IT Rooms

The smoke of the fire always contains dangerous components which seriously damage computer equipment. Smoke is a potent abrasive and collects on the heads of magnetic disks, optical disks, and tape drives etc. The smoke can come from outside of may be generated by computers themselves. Electrical fires - particularly those caused by the transformers in video monitors - can produce a pungent, acrid smoke that can damage other equipment and may also be a potent carcinogen.

The dust destroys data. Most dust is electrically conductive. The design of many computers sucks large amounts of air and dust through the computer's insides for cooling. Invariably, a layer of dust will accumulate on a computer's circuit boards, covering every surface, exposed and otherwise. Eventually, the dust will cause circuits to short and fail.

The construction of Remtech Modusec panels has been primarily developed for the complete protection of IT environment. It means to provide not only physical, but also environmental conditions. Remtech ModuSec panels provide the conditions of the clean room free of smoke, dust and other pollutions which is circulated by air conditioning systems in each building.

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